Achieving self-identity

Relationship to other people

What is the individual's relation to other citizenry?
United States mental attitude esteems individuality and understands satisfaction as advanced through individualal achievement.

Maximizing one's opportunities and capabilities becomes a mental obligation. But although Americans pride themselves on their respect for personal freedom, many a American businesss (in particular in such longstanding sectors as banking and insurance) are markedly hierarchical. By relation, in collectivistic Japan, even a chief executive director whose organization bears his name knows he must match personal desires against the compatibility of the group.

Anthropomorphic action

What is the modality of anthropomorphic activity?
It is asserted that US mental attitude does not furnish definite instrumentality of achieving self-identity other than through activeness and performance, and so goal-attainment becomes a means by which you differentiate yourself apart from the grouping.

Because other persons should be capable to recognize this action, it has to be visible and measurable. Hence financial abundance offers one measure of prosperous activeness. Within the organization, employees are incited by promises of promotion and status signals overtly consociated with social status such as a superior company automotive vehicle and a luxuriously fitted business office.

Buddhist societies in South-east Asia which adhere to beliefs in reincarnation hold that the individual is born into his/her present status and fortune by moral excellence of meritable acts performed in a preceding life and that endeavor in this life may be unpointed. By avoiding unrighteous acts and by upholding the harmoniousness of nowaday circumstances, you support your probability of being born into a advanced position in your future rebirth.

Hominian activeness

What is the temporal focal point of hominal action?
America is commonly held up as a future-orientated social group which believes that the upcoming can be formed and controlled. Furthermore, the future is destined to be superordinate than the existing just as the existing must to be a betterment on the past. However this orientation may be short-term.


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